Participants: PAYG with your trainer

Note: 6 hours notice is required for cancellations. To be fair to trainers, the full session fee will be charged for late cancellations or non-attendance.

Trainers: Start for free & build as you go.

Start with 60 min each month. Select a plan to meet your business and training requirements.

No hidden streaming costs, only pay for what you use.

Change or cancel plans anytime.


No limits. Add staff.
Cheapest streaming & broadcasts.
$ 49
99/ MO
  • Solo plan features plus:
  • Multiple Staff
  • Add staff for $12 pp/mo
  • No Limit: Workouts
  • No limit: Exercise Upload
  • Extra streaming 3c min

Solo Trainer

Group sessions, your branding, cheaper streaming and broadcasts.
$ 14
99/ MO
  • Inc 180 streaming mins/mth
  • Live Groups
  • Logo & social accounts
  • 20 Workout Templates
  • 40 Exercise Uploads
  • Extra streaming 4c min


The tools you need to start building your online training business.
  • Inc 60 streaming mins/mth
  • Live 1-1's
  • Unlimited Clients
  • 3 Workout Templates
  • Set Pricing & Get Paid
  • Extra streaming 10c min

What's a stream?

A stream is a connection between two people.

Here's a breakdown for a 30 min session:

1 trainer x 1 client = 1 stream. x 30 mins = 30 streaming minutes.

1 trainer x 6 clients = 6 streams. x 30 mins = 180 streaming minutes.

Broadcasting to large audiences.

Broadcasts can reach up to 1,000 paying viewers.

Pricing is based on your subscription:

Business subscribers

Maximise your brand and potential by reaching thousands at once.
$ 0
/ Set-Up
  • 12% of payment volume
  • Streaming - see below
  • Custom landing page
  • Exit page
  • Set Fees & get paid
  • Your social accounts
  • Your branding

Solo Trainer subscribers

Maximise your time and expand your business with broadcasts.
$ 10
/ Set-Up
  • 14% of payment volume
  • Streaming - see below
  • Custom lading page
  • Exit page
  • Set fees & get paid
  • Your Social Accounts
  • Your Branding

Starter Subscribers

Build your clients base with broadcasts.
$ 20
/ Set-up
  • 16% of payment volume
  • Streaming - see below
  • Custom landing page
  • Exit page
  • Set fees & get paid
  • Your social accounts
  • Your branding

What are interactive broadcasts?

Interactive broadcasts allow multiple presenters (or for a presenter to add a participant) into the live stream.  Hosts can change the guest as often as they like, and guests can select ‘private’ to prevent the host from being able to add them.

hosts can also request feedback, and see real-time updates to completed reps and the mood of each participant, as well as for the group as a whole.

Built for you

We’ve included lots of features to help you promote your business.  Add your logo, upload your own exercises and even promote your businesses social accounts in landing & exit pages.  We want you to succeed.

Cancel or change anytime
Our plans are month to month, so you can adjust according to your needs.

Your new plan will take effect at the beginning of the upcoming month.  
What if I downgrade?

If you downgrade your plan, but have exceeded a quota for the new plan (e.g. you have uploaded more exercises), the content which exceeds the new quota will be locked.

Why is broadcast different?

Broadcasting is used differently to 1-1’s and groups, and typically for much larger audiences, providing influencers with flexibility to engage fans in paid or unpaid sessions.  

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