Live online fitness experiences for your followers.

Lady stretching at home with an online personal trainer

Real fan engagement, real workouts, real-time feedback.

  • Train up to 1,000 people per workout.
  • Bring participants onto the screen with you – live!
  • Host dashboard: real-time participant mood & completed reps.
  • Demo with HD clips, so you can focus on presenting.
  • Maximum screen time for your brands.
  • Landing pages for promotion, registration and payments.

Expand your following. Move the world.

We’re on a mission to increase physical activity everywhere.

Inactivity is regarded by the World Health Organisation as a major contributor to early death globally.

We want to solve the problem by helping you to move as many people as possible.

Fitness influencers grow their following

Profile: Jenna Douros

Jenna is a supreme athlete and an outstanding trainer who has built a strong following on the back of her Ninja Warrior feats, amazing workouts on social media and years of hard work.

Jenna saw the value in engaging her followers using live, interactive workouts, which with Jenna, are more like workout experiences!

1-1’s, live groups and broadcasts all form part of Jenna’s strategy to complement her ‘All In’ 30 day challenge, and provide the best possible experience for her clients.

"Welcome Fit is the next best thing to a face-to-face training session".

Stand out from the crowd.  

Your fans want to workout WITH YOU, not via a pre-recorded download.  You can be right there, providing real support and leading your followers to achieve their fitness goals. 

Live online workout with interactive views for the online personal trainer
Live online workout feedback for large fitness groups


Broadcast to <1,000 participants at once.  Paid or free.

Bring participants into the live broadcast with you for questions, for fun or add special guests for extra impact.

See real-time mood and reps per person and for the group so you can control the tempo.

"I love how the workouts flow.
I haven't had much luck sticking to clips from Instagram ".

Maria from Sydney. 2019


Lead small Groups of up to 6 or Private 1-1’s and connect directly with followers face to face.

See each person’s name and provide a personalised fitness experience they’ll never forget.

Play Video
Online personal training platform for home workouts
Increase Your Brand Value

Increase brand exposure from a single post to over 20mins of screen time to hundreds of engaged fans.

Wear sponsor gear during the live stream, include logos in exercise clips and replace our logo with your own!

“In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing.

The worst thing you can do is nothing.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

Want to become an ambassador for global fitness?

We’re interested in collaborating with fitness professionals who have established a strong and engaged following.

If you’re interested in helping to make the world more active, then let’s have a conversation!

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