Getting Started With Online Fitness.

We understand that streaming yourself live and exercising in front of others can be a bit daunting, so here are some tips to help you relax and enjoy the best possible online workout.

Set up: Camera and Device tips

When your workout starts, your browser will likely ask for your permission to enable your camera and microphone.  It’s essential to allow these settings for the session to work.

By allowing access to your camera, your coach will be able to see you and personalise feedback and instruction.  You’ll also be able to see yourself when your coach uses ‘mirror view’ (which is where you see yourself, your coach also sees you – just like an in-person workout in front of a mirror), which is part of what makes Welcome Fit so great.

Side note for mobile phones:    If your phone slips, we recommend this wallet sized adjustable phone holder

For tablets:  Here’s an adjustable holder we recommend for tablets and iPads.

Which browser is best?

Google and Apple don’t want to license each other’s streaming technology, so potential compatibility issues can be avoided by using Safari with Apple devices, and Chrome or Firefox with other devices and PC’s.

Some iPhone versions of Safari will have a browser bar appear when your device is in landscape mode, which you can flick away with the right technique – check out the ‘flick’ here.

Live online personal training


Place your device around 1.5 – 2 meters away from you, and have enough space around you for your planned workout.  For HIIT or Functional Strength, you might move 2 or 3 steps to the side and also jump, so be aware of low hanging light fixtures

Also, mirroring your screen to your TV is a great option if your TV is compatible with your device.


Remember that even in a group workout, only your coach can see you.  

Your coach’s focus is on you and helping you to move well, so don’t stress about tidying up beforehand.  As long as you can move around safely, it’s all good! And we probably haven’t put the washing away yet either.  That’s life. What’s important is that you’re joining us to be active, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to support you.

Your trainer is in control:

Your trainer wants to support you no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

Using Welcome Fit, trainer adjust the screen view depending on the situation, so they can help improve your form with specific feedback, demonstrate the current exercise and provide motivation if you start to fatigue.   

Let’s be honest. Exercising isn’t always fun.  Actually, it can and often feels uncomfortable, even for professional athletes or experienced participants.

But discomfort shouldn’t mean pain.  It’s quite normal for fatigue to make it feel like you can’t do another rep or another set of exercises.  It isn’t normal to feel physical pain.  If you do, stop immediately. If you’re injured, please consult your local health professional before starting a workout.

Did you just say that exercise isn’t always fun??  

Yep!  The fun happens around exercising.  Sure, some workouts are great fun, but it’s not realistic to expect that all the time.  The feelings of achievement, progress and grit are incredibly rewarding, and make the few moments of discomfort that you might experience totally worth it.  

Each completed workout is an achievement, and it can become a habit, as you had the choice to do something easier and ‘fun’ (like watch TV) but you didn’t.  You chose to exercise (hooray!), and you’ll always feel better after a workout than you did before it.

Focus on the positive feelings and improved health you experience from the process of regular exercise.  That’s where the fun really is, and it positively impacts other areas of your life, including mental health and relationships (more on that in another post).

Add variety

Online trainers can provide different forms of exercise, which you can do anywhere to become stronger and move more efficiently.  Check out this blog post on the ‘planes of movement’ to learn more about the benefits of adding variety to how you exercise.

When you’re ready to workout live with a real trainer, head to our marketplace, where you can find different session types and trainers available on-demand, 24/7. 

Join the conversation!

We’re all on a journey, with our own goals, motivators and stages of progress. That doesn’t mean that we’re alone.  Join our Facebook community to ask questions, share your progress and be a part of a group dedicated to moving more.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to help you become fitter. So… let’s start moving!

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