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About Us

Our story

We’re driven to help people become more active.  We love seeing people set a goal, achieve it and start the process again.

As much as we love a workout, we’ve struggled, like most, to fit exercise into busy work and life schedules.

Physical activity is at dangerously low levels for all age groups, and at the same time, fitness professionals are having to leave the industry due to difficulties finding enough work.

So we decided to do something about it.

We’re not after quick wins.  We want to help people create meaningful change, so people can lead healthier lives.  

Welcome Fit is designed to make an online workout feel like a real personal trainer is right beside each participant, just like in a gym.

That means pre-recorded videos aren’t enough. Only real online personal trainers can help bridge the inevitable motivation, skill and technique gaps which come with regular and varied exercise.

Only then can each participant experience the other inevitability of regular exercise: feeling great! 

Train with us, or train your clients.  

Our platform is open to participants and online fitness coaches everywhere, so together we can make the world more active. 😁

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