Online Personal Trainer Jobs

You create a profile.  Train clients from around the world.

  • Set your hours and your fees.  Work from anywhere!
  • Train clients live in 1-1 workouts or in groups of up to 6.
  • Purpose built platform with all the tools you need. 
  • Get paid directly.  Even set your own currency.
  • Drag and drop workout builder.
  • Certified fitness professionals only.
online personal training platform

Online Personal Trainer Jobs

The best way to train clients around the world!

  • Set your hours and your fees.  Work from anywhere!
  • Get paid directly.
  • 1-1 workouts or groups.
  • Change views with a click.
  • Demo with HD clips.
  • Certified fitness professionals only.

3 steps to your online personal training dream.

Create your profile for online personal trianing jobs
Online personal trainer jobs where clients are sent to the trainer
The platform for online personal training and online fitness

The easiest way to start training clients online!

3 steps to your online personal training dream.

Welcome Fit online personal trainer jobs
Online personal trainer jobs where clients are sent to you
The platform for online personal training and online fitness professionals

Create a profile and be found!  Clients can book with you in just 1 click!

A world of clients are waiting for you.

Building an online fitness business is easy with Welcome Fit.

The hardest parts are taken care of:

  • Clients: be found via our marketplace and by promoting your unique profile page.
  • Payments: seamless integration means you get paid directly.
  • Set-Up: scheduling, client notifications, landing pages and pricing are all included.  Workout builder?  Yep, we’ve got that too!
  • Streaming: our platform is built for live fitness.

All you need to do is create a profile, list your availability & share!

Lady stretching at home with an online personal trainer
lady doing a home workout using an online personal trainer
Be found. Easily. 😀

Just like you found this page, we’ll help clients find YOU!

List your availability in under a minute, and we’ll list your profile in our online personal training marketplace.

Plus, share your profile page across your network and be found by prospective clients actively seeking a workout with an online personal trainer.  

There’s never been an easier way to start online personal training.

Online personal trainer bio page for online fitness
On-demand online workout with a real online personal trainer
You get paid directly 💰

Set your available hours and your fees.  Everything you need is in one place, even the platform for streaming live workouts!

Clients will book with you through your page and pay you directly. No middle-man or venue hire. It really is the best online personal trainer job, allowing you to work anywhere.

The platform: Everything you need is here.

Fill the blank spots in your schedule and choose when (and where) you want to work.  It’s always peak hour somewhere, and we can connect you with participants who want to workout right now.

You have the freedom to set your own fees, create your own workouts and schedule your own availability.  Welcome Fit is the platform for the ultimate work/life balance for personal trainers.  

Perfect demos every time

Crystal clear exercise demos using our video library.  You can also upload your own.

Change views to make the main screen display the client, the exercise, yourself or both of you side by side.

Live online workout with interactive views for the online personal trainer
Live online group fitness platform
1-1 or Groups

Train up to 6 clients in an interactive group.

See all participant names and retain the ability to switch views and push exercise demo clips.

Change workouts on the fly by adding and removing exercises, changing the order or the number of reps.

How it works:

Welcome Fit started as a platform where personal trainers could train their own clients.

Now, more than ever, people need an online trainer.  You can share your Welcome Fit bio page across your social network and receive bookings instantly! 

By listing your profile, we’ll also add you to our marketplace, where clients from around the world who are actively seeking a workout, can book one the very moment it’s convenient for them.

Join for free and give it a go!

Connected to help you grow.
  • 2-way sync with Google Calendar, so you can easily manage bookings without logging in.
  • Connect to Stripe and get paid directly.
  • Zapier (on request) to connect with 1,500+ apps.
Welcome Fit Platform for Online Personal Training


Join the quest to get the world moving.

Physical inactivity is a major health risk around the world, and we want to help certified personal trainers and fitness professionals solve the problem by being able to provide online fitness to people everywhere.

Join us, and let’s get the world moving.

Lady doing pilates with an online pilates instructor
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"Welcome Fit is the next best thing to a face-to-face training session".

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Grow a global fitness business with us!

Try Welcome Fit for free and then choose your plan.  View pricing.

Take the next step to greater work/life balance and more clients from around the world.

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